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Didn’t We Almost Have it All


Dear Walter, I finally found the one. We dated for a couple of years until he died on me. I was beyond devastated. How do you bounce back when then you’re supposed to be with dies on you?  -Deeply Devastated Dear Deeply Devastated: I’m sorry this happened to you. I too experienced a similar thing. My first boyfriend died when I was 22. And the ghost of that relationship haunted me until 30.  At...

He Only Comes Just Before Sunrise


Dear Walter,  I desperately need your help. I’m falling for this guy. He is so masculine and handsome and everything I want in a man. But he’s DL, has a girlfriend/baby mother, and he only wants to see me at night. Something tells me this isn’t going anywhere but I can’t help but hold out hope. What shall I do?  -Down-low Lover  Dear Down-low Lover, Looks like stupid Cupid called again, but he...

Quinton Storm’s Steamy Nudes Leak


Quinton Storm is a fledgling R&B singer with a few songs on the Billboard charts. He’s not quite Trey Songz but il est très sexy. And he’s quite the multitasker too. While working on his music he’s been promoting his nudes. And they say sex doesn’t sell anymore. He has a ConnectPal and everything. The thirst is real, but I guess that beats working at Starbucks. I may...

Flying too Close to the Sun


Hi Walter,  I just came out a few months ago. I heard stories of sexual experiences being life-changing. My men were mostly mediocre. Maybe it’s me but so far it’s been boring. As a bottom I feel like after the top cums that’s it. And it’s over. I sit there disappointed. There has to be more to life than this. Have you ever had a sexual experience that was exciting or life-changing? —Just Bending...

Kobe Bryant’s Mouthwatering Dick Pic


We love celebrity dicks at Love, Walter. And Kobe Bryant was one of my first celebrity crushes when I was in high school. This makes this dick special.
It’s true, we should know more about the people we sleep with. But that’s a lesson for another day. And without fucking around with some side chick we wouldn’t see him naked.
Check out the receipts below:


I Dream of Skinny Jeans


Summertime sadness was like a mantra for these sizzling days and humid nights. To escape from the sweltering heat of my basement apartment, I blast an air conditioner and a fan. Next. I down copious glasses of sparkling white wine or rose to cope. That usually helps a bit. Sometimes it’s just too hot to cuddle, much less fuck. I’m not sweating out my press for a commercial break worth a...

Writing in Case of an Emergency


I’m staring at the blank page like I’m eyeing a handsome stranger in a bar. But instead of dancing on my own, I’m writing on my own terms.  From doctors visits to trying to feel better when I don’t quite look better is taking a longer than a summer in Sin City.  They say we cling to what’s important in the darkest moments. In times of strife, I binge on writing, sex, and...

This Is No Cinderella Story


I could have danced all night, and if I had $10 more I would have. It was a Tuesday night which felt more like a Friday night because the night was so lit. It started after Cinderella ended hers. She could have spent the night with me, cleaning the gritty streets of the city with our dancing feet. She was sans a glass slipper and couldn’t handle the concrete jungle in such fragile footwear...

Thief of Hearts 


Dear Walter, I am a 25-year-old lesbian who desperately needs your help. I just broke up with my girlfriend. She has been mad disrespectful lately. I broke up with her because I got sick and tired of the way she’s been treating me. And she had the nerve to cheat on me. It was then I decided, enough was enough.  A week later, my place was robbed. They stole my TV, phone, and clothes. I have a...

What It’s Really Like to Have a Threesome


Dear Walter,  I’m a thirty-something gay man living in New York City. Lately, I have been experimenting with my sexuality. I never had a threesome but I really want to try it. What advice would you give me on having my first threesome? —Thirsty for a Threesome Dear Thirsty for a Threesome, Threesomes are awkward. Imagine being bent over while hungover with all openings stuffed like a turkey well...

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