Does It Matter That I Am Attracted to Black Guys?


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Dear Walter,

I have an attraction to black-skinned men; even though I am a Caucasian: is that alright, or is that wrong or does it matter? I LOVE BLACK MEN ….And want to get the correct way of being gay, now does it matter that I am attracted to Black guys?
Dear Confused Caucasian,
In the bedroom, it doesn’t matter if you’re Black or White. There is nothing wrong with bumping and grinding to the beat of Michael Jackson’s drum. They don’t really care about us. But Black dicks matter! 
People use race to divide. Don’t be misguided. But there’s a thin line between practicing once you go Black and fetishizing Black men—in a perverse prison fantasy epitomized in porn type of way. 
Don’t be a douche bag by chasing big Black cocks like you’re watching BBC. It’s both racist and stupid. Not all Black men are equipped with big dicks and bloated balls. Why the sudden craving to have someone Adebesi me—the way he rapes his victims on the HBO show OZ makes it a guilty pleasure. There goes that prison fantasy resurfacing. 
With the launch of this administration, our country is more divided than ever. There are people reverting back to the racist relics of our past. And there are those who are so hopeless they will tolerate anything to get food on the table. Relying on the Donald to feed you would have you waiting forever like for those tax returns.
But Back to Black. Would you actually date someone Black? Or do you just want to fuck one? And why does it matter so much? Are you ashamed? If your passions and intentions aren’t pure then I think you should stick with your race. 
But I think we all would do better by forming deeper relationships with each other regardless of race. And not just focus on the sex and what makes us different. 

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