10 Full Frontal Male Celebrity Dick Pics

Celebrity dick pics featuring the famous and shameless are fun to marvel at. I love sizing them up to see if their bulges match their boasts. And as your resident sex columnist, I’m here to proclaim that Black Dicks Matter.
I compiled a list of 10 celebrity dick pics that make you want to open those orifices. While some are A-list while others should try Craigslist, this cock compilation will keep you guessing. Let's get those celebrity dicks in formation.
1. Kanye West
Allegedly, His dick has to be big enough to make a Kardashian keep a ring on it. From shit talking to jaw-dropping this rapper turned fashion designer has a huge ego. Kanye's dick pic.


2. Sisqo


The lead singer from Dru Hill, trills in his penis pic. And thankfully the blond don hasn’t dyed his pubes. Sisqo's dick pic.
3. Jamie Foxx

An Oscar winner, whose career resurgence as a TV game show host has me side-eying why he would leave the house to do that. Let’s just blame his dick pic and career choices on the alcohol.Jamie Foxx's Dick pic.

4. Drake

10 Full Frontal Male Celebrity Dick Pics


Drake allegedly sent this pic to a female stripper, expressing how hard he was at the time. I'll rather have that second glass of wine. Drake's dick pic.
5. Stevie J
Love and Hip Hop:  Atlanta reality star with his self-proclaimed “beef cake” on display. It’s as thick and juicy as advertised. Stevie J's dick pic.
6. Lebron James
The only basketball player on the list, was in uniform when his indecent exposure was captured by a camera. And in its flaccid state, I liken it to a fun size snack—not enough to share. I think he’ll think twice before lifting up his shirt. Lebron's dick pic.
7. Omarion
Oh, Omarion. This singer/dancer/reality star leveraged his sex appeal in every career change. It’s nice to see the source of his confidence. Omarion's dick pic.
8. Ginuwine


Ginuwine claimed ownership of his penis pic on Twitter:
“Everybody keep talking about pics and all SO WHAT!!! We all trust people at times that we shouldn't won't say names as of now!! Stay tuned”

As he should have. It’s a nice size dick. He hasn’t had a hit song since “In Those Jeans,” circa 2003. Was that why he revealed what's in his jeans?

You can see Ginuwine's dick.

9. 50 Cent
50 cent is betting his money on his magic stick. He showed his dick on his hit show, Power. And it’s quite a handful. You can see 50 Cent's dick.
10. Chris Brown


A-list bad boy, with tattoos and a laundry list of legal troubles the length of his skinny dick. It's long and lean. You can see Chris Brown's dick.
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