Make Him Feel Like A Man Again

Artwork by Anthony Gonzales 

Dear Walter: 

How can I make my boyfriend top? Please give me some advice? Helppppp!!!!
Dear Hopeless Romantic,
The last time I encountered a situation, when my boyfriend was really a bottom, masquerading as versatile. He had no idea how to use anything else but his mouth. I tried to train his penis, poor thing didn’t even know how to put a condom on. Between me spitting, beating and getting sticky fingers from all that plastic, that either broke or slipped off.
I could have used that time shopping for sandals.
You know it’s nearly impossible to change a man—once and awhile—you can turn a bottom. I would start with foreplay to get both of you hot and a little alcohol so that liquid courage will get him feeling like a man again. 
And if that doesn’t work get a vibrator. You can even get one that you can attach to the wall with just a little spit. 
With any luck, you’ll be bouncing up and down by Summer.

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