Rapper Fetty Wap’s Sex Tape Leaked


Fetty Wap, the one-eyed-rapper, has a sex tape (more like a clip) worth seeing. For those who care, he was born Willie Maxwell in Paterson, NJ.

It is true you should never look a monster directly in the eye. His trap queen is Alexis Sky, an ex-girlfriend that knows how to suck and ride a raw dick. Chile, who doesn’t! 

In case you’re wondering about his eye he said: 

 “What happened is, when I was little I had gotten into a little accident and it gave me congenital glaucoma in both of my eyes. The doctor saved one, I was blessed to still have my vision. That’s it. That’s the story.”

Well, you only need one eye to tell that he doesn’t like using condoms. He has a baby by Masika from Love and Hip Hop:  Hollywood.

Check out some photos of Fetty Wap and click the link below for the sex tape.

NSFW Sex Tape Clip

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