Tank Gropes Himself During D.C. Black Pride Performance

Tank Gropes Himself During Black Gay Pride Performance
Tank recently performed shirtless at a Black Gay Pride event in DC over Memorial Day weekend. Cardi B, Phresher, and Safaree also performed. But Tank’s fans are questioning how much sugar he has in his tank? These hoes ain’t loyal. 
Is this a legitimate question or is this blatant homophobia?
Tank reminded me of the straight guy goes to gay bars because they enjoy free drinks and being objectified by gay men. The agony and ecstasy of being the most masculine man in the room.
So why was he so salacious in his performance, pandering to gays like all we do is crave the flesh of seemingly straight men. 
I’ll be the first to admit I can’t name one Tank song. Yet that didn’t keep me from following him on Snapchat for that short stint I had the app installed on my iPhone. I gleaned that he was fun to look at. He was giving me daddy. I love a family man, just minus the family. Although his private persona seems quite plastic, I enjoyed a peek into his private life. Behind the scenes of him singing at “concerts” (and I use that term loosely). It juxtaposed with him having monologs in the back of cars and bottle service at clubs seemed very 2002. 
To those who criticized him on Twitter for performing to a gay audience—where else is he going to perform? He probably needed a check. And there’s nothing wrong with that. 
But it raises a larger question why don’t we seek value in our own talent. From Frank Ocean to Big Freedia, why can’t we get someone from our community to support us at a pride event. 
Aren’t we supposed to be proud?
I’m tired of D-list reality stars and R&B singers from the 90’s headlining our events for a check. I would have rather seen porn stars pulling out private parts on stage, or watching queens prancing at the parade. 
But instead we have a washed up R&B crooner groping himself, has me question why was here in the first place? 
Check out the video of the performance below: 

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