What Happens When You Pay To Play, and He Doesn’t Show Up?

Dear Walter, 
What do you do when you send money for a guy to come to you? He gets the money but doesn’t show up?
-Love Letdown
Love Letdown,
There is nothing worse than not getting what you paid for. Sounds like you have been set up. And judging from your question it sounds like a late night situation where money was used as the catalyst to get him to come to you — so you’ll cum later.
We live in the internet age where we can have anything, anytime delivered or downloaded. The risk of meeting someone you don’t know to discuss money for services can put in a precarious position.
It’s dangerous to have a stranger knocking. Hell, it’s dangerous when a stranger calls. Didn’t you see the movie? And having someone broke come in after midnight could have you tied down to the bed post. And not in a good way.
We shouldn’t waste time being desperate or dealing with the destitute. You would have been better off cruising at your favorite gay bar. You dodged a silver bullet. That late night visit could have really cost.
But if you plan to make that mistake again, I wouldn’t pay until services are rendered.
Dear Walter, 
Love your work and that you’re a freak. What’s your favorite NYC go to for bars or clubs with backrooms to fuck and have fun?
-Curious Traveler
Curious Traveler, 
Oh, if one more person asks me that. I’m not a freak—I’m a Christian. And like any devout believer, I loved sleeping around The City That Never Sleeps. It was like danger meeting desire at a bar or booth near you. I watched one of my girls suck a dick in front of a phone booth donning a nappy wig. It was Halloween, and a lot more shit went down that night.
Since then, I’ve graduated to knowing better and getting to know the people I have sex with. So I haven’t been on the scene lately. Considering I moved from the NYC three years ago has more to do with why I’m out of touch.
But I’ll try to answer your question anyway.
The Cock was a hot spot for late night hook ups. It was both seedy and slutty. Although, I was too much of a prude to participate. I sat on a wooden bench and watched a dozen dick suckers go to work. I’ve never seen anything like it. The crowd skewed a bit older and I’m glad I wore leather gloves. I got them on sale at Barney’s.
The bathroom at The Eagle was busier than a Real Housewife on a Saturday night. Hand jobs and blow jobs from daddy types could make a man feel like a woman.
I loved being a voyeur.
There were booths on 8th Avenue to get your peeping tom on. One place had a tiny room in the basement where guys watched porn on screen and stuff their dicks in glory holes. It was like the holy grail for homosexuals. The sounds of moaning juxtaposed with the smell of butt sex, cigarettes, and Crystal Meth. I wrote about that experience in, “The Edge of Glory.” Watch out for escorts, druggies, and the homeless.
A few years can be a long time in a city as fast-paced as NYC. Remember to play safe and have fun.
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