Reclaiming my Time


Dear Walter, How was your New Year’s? -To whom it may concern. Dear To whom it may concern, It’s so hard to say goodbye like Boyz II Men. My so-called man left two days before Christmas to visit his family and never returned. It gets better. He strung me along for nearly two weeks before deciding on the day of that he wasn’t coming back. And this happened before I had to clock in into my...

Be Good or Be Good at It


Dear Walter, I’m a bottom and my man is a top. But lately he has been hinting that he wants to experiment in the bedroom. He talks about how he’s never bottomed before but he’s super curious. I’m nervous. I’m worried if I don’t give, in he may want to to try this with some one else. —Bedroom Bottom Dear Bedroom Bottom, In my sessions, I dance like a diva on a dime while my legs are intertwined...

Straight Men Are Really Not That Straight


No-one is 100 percent straight. Ritch C. Savin Williams, professor emeritus of development psychology at Cornell University, suggests this theory in his new book: Mostly Straight: Sexuality Fluidity Among Men. Before some gays get excited about converting seemingly straight men in the locker room — let’s dive deeper. Sexuality is on a spectrum. The Kinsey Scale was first developed by Dr. Alfred...

Erotic City


Love Walter: Erotic City Dear Walter, Love your column by the way. I’m a longtime reader. I love the way you write your debaucherous tales with such humor and honesty. I guess my question is more of a request. I would love to hear about one of your wildest experiences, was there a moment that made you reflect? —Curious Reader Dear Curious Reader, Let me enchant you with a tale from my crypt. Once...

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