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Writing in Case of an Emergency


I’m staring at the blank page like I’m eyeing a handsome stranger in a bar. But instead of dancing on my own, I’m writing on my own terms.  From doctors visits to trying to feel better when I don’t quite look better is taking a longer than a summer in Sin City.  They say we cling to what’s important in the darkest moments. In times of strife, I binge on writing, sex, and...

Thief of Hearts 


Dear Walter, I am a 25-year-old lesbian who desperately needs your help. I just broke up with my girlfriend. She has been mad disrespectful lately. I broke up with her because I got sick and tired of the way she’s been treating me. And she had the nerve to cheat on me. It was then I decided, enough was enough.  A week later, my place was robbed. They stole my TV, phone, and clothes. I have a...

What It’s Really Like to Have a Threesome


Dear Walter,  I’m a thirty-something gay man living in New York City. Lately, I have been experimenting with my sexuality. I never had a threesome but I really want to try it. What advice would you give me on having my first threesome? —Thirsty for a Threesome Dear Thirsty for a Threesome, Threesomes are awkward. Imagine being bent over while hungover with all openings stuffed like a turkey well...

The Darkest Blues Are Black


Dear Walter: I’m new to the online gay dating scene and I’m wondering if you ever encountered a dangerous situation with an app?  I want to meet guys but I’ve heard horror stories online about guys getting raped, robbed, and even murdered.  So my question is have you ever met someone online and something bad happened? And how did you handle it? -Reluctant Online Dater Dear Reluctant Online Dater:...

Did My Relationship Make Me Fat?


So what I gained some weight. These hoes trying to make America great again, somehow made me fat again. But how did I let them set me up? Saying yes to everything, by binging on an Eat, Pray, Love philosophy left little room for exercise. Also, making every night a movie night—the perils of falling in love. But the side effects of great sex didn’t curb any cravings. He follows up with...

Basketball Player Josh Jackson Nude Leak


Josh Jackson is a new professional basketball player. The Pheonix Suns selected Jackson as the fourth pick in NBA 2017 draft. I’m not the biggest sports fan. But when sports intersect sex I’m here for all of it. And just like that, I was anonymously sent his dick pic.
You’re Welcome.
Click this NSFW link to see it.

Milan Christopher’s Full Frontal Photo Shoot Is Fucking Hot


Photographed by Matthias Vriens-Macgrath for Paper Magazine Gay “rapper” and reality star Milan Christopher bares all physically and emotionally in NSFW Paper Magazine photo shoot, following the likes of Kim Kardashian West, Blac Chyna, and Amber Rose. All with the intentions of breaking the internet.  The first male centerfold was Burt Reynolds for Cosmopolitan magazine in 1972...

Sucking Dick Can Make You Believe You Can Fly


Peter Pan once said,“The moment you doubt whether you can fly. You cease to be ever to it.” That’s true with sex. I used to go years without having it. Sure there were multiple masturbatory sessions. At times, I beat my dick until it hurts. The fear of what Prince called, “the big disease with the little name,” and being used made me romance intolerant. Instead, I focused on my drinking. I was my...

What Happens When You Pay To Play, and He Doesn’t Show Up?


Dear Walter,  What do you do when you send money for a guy to come to you? He gets the money but doesn’t show up? -Love Letdown Love Letdown, There is nothing worse than not getting what you paid for. Sounds like you have been set up. And judging from your question it sounds like a late night situation where money was used as the catalyst to get him to come to you — so you’ll cum later. We live...

I Was 17 When I Had My First Kiss and This Is What Happened


My secret sexuality led to self-discovery. As an emerging homosexual, I was the last to know which direction my pendulum would swing. I couldn’t express myself like Madonna. Instead, I binged watch Queer As Folk, which was like Homosexuality 101—my clandestine crash course. I identified with Justin, a 17-year-old Twink pinning for older “daddy” types. We were the same age. Searching for a father...

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